Improved Efficiency

Efficiency Increases Dramatically

In wet and dry booths, the Pre-Baffle System captures approximately 80% of the over spray- particulate emission is immediately reduced by that amount.  The bar charts below graphically show these improved results.  In any standard booth, the 96% efficiency and emitting 7.9 grains of particulate per 1000 cfm, can be improved to 1.58 grains with the addition of the Pre-Baffle System.  In gallons per year, this translated to 312 gallons without the pre-baffles and only 62 gallons after the pre-baffles were installed.  A big difference, especially considering the costs of sludge removal or filter replacements.

Environmentally speaking, the amount of emissions not only keep the atmosphere cleaner, but your exhaust system and stacks stay cleaner, as well.  This will further reduce maintenance costs. Then, too, your customers, suppliers and employees will appreciate the reduction of particulate settling on their vehicles. 

Better Spray Booth Performance

The design, with its vertical air openings, provides from floor to ceiling, uniform movement of air through the booth, ensuring that your spray pattern will reach the upper sections of your parts, and giving you effective, uniform exhausting of the over spray and contaminants.

In water wash spray booths, performance is also improved because less particulate enters the water wash area, so your nozzles will not clog up, giving you better scrubbing action.  And, of course, less sludge improves the overall performance of the booth.

Dry type paint booths perform better because the filters work more efficiently for longer periods of time.  Less over spray is available to clog the filters and the uniform air pattern spreads the remaining over spray evenly across the entire filtered area instead of letting it concentrate on one segment of the filtered area.  Thus filter changes are not required as often, giving you greater productivity.