Greater Savings

Savings You Can Count On In Wet, Dry or Powder Spray Booths

In wet booths, the Pre-Baffle System can save you over $100,000.00 per year in just booth cleaning, sludge disposal, and chemical costs (conservatively calculated on a typical 20' x 10' water wash spray booth*).  That's after you deduct the low cost of the Pre-Baffle System itself.  You can expect an annual savings of 70% on every water wash spray booth you operate. 

How's that for a return on investment?  And who doesn't want to add that kind of savings to their bottom line every year? 

You not only save on booth cleaning, sludge removal, and chemical costs, you dramatically increase the efficiency of your booth and enjoy greater performance and cleaner finishes.

Built-In Savings

The Pre-Baffle System consists of disposable, low cost, U-shaped baffles.  These are mounted in front of the filtered water wall and capture approximately 80% of the over spray.  In powder booths, color separation and significant powder recovery can also be realized.

In water wash paint spray booths, reducing the amount of particulate entering the spray booth has immediate and long term benefits.  The big payoff is in reduced sludge.  Not only do you reduce the number of times you have to clean the water tank, you also dramatically reduce the amount of accumulated sludge you must dispose of.  And, with normal disposal costs reaching over $300.00 per barrel, less sludge quickly translates into more savings.  You enjoy less cleaning, less maintenance, less disposable waste. 

With less particulate getting into the water tank, the amount of chemicals required per year is likewise cut by approximately 80%.  That's more savings.  Then too, with less paint build-up occurring on the wall of the paint booth itself, booth cleanings can also be scheduled farther apart.  Still more savings. 

In dry or powder spray booths, this 80% reduction in over spray keeps your expensive filters cleaner, longer.  Again, this translates into big savings because you reduce your annual filter replacement cost and cut the labor required to replace the filters.

Simple Installation

 Here is a retrofit that can be easily handled in-plant.  Unique fiberglass holding frames are easily mounted to the existing booth.  Then low cost, disposable Pre-Baffles are hung on the frames with a pin arrangement that speeds up installation. 

Periodic change-outs also take less time.  The Pre-Baffles are easily disconnected from the frame and clean Pre-Baffles are hung quickly, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.